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Electrical service

for your entire home

Complete residential electrical work

Are you building a new home? Whether it is a new home or a remodeling job, we work with you to decide what will work best for your home. We only do what is needed and never charge extra for work that didn't have to be done.


As your home ages, so does your electrical system. Make sure you make the necessary upgrade before your electrical system becomes dangerous. Our licensed and trained technicians will gladly help rewire your electrical system to ensure your safety.

Have your home inspected

Electrical inspections should be a part of any real estate deal. Make sure the electrical system is working properly and safely by having it inspected by our licensed technicians. We check the panels, meter boxes, pools, lighting, and more.

electrical testing

Many services

• Landscape lighting

• Data, phone, TV, cable

• Generators

• Pools

Trust your local electrical experts

If the weather has knocked your electricity out, don't handle it yourself. Make sure you call us first to come and have a look at it. We offer FREE estimates and and quality service. You can even get a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.